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Aeropress – Stainless Steel Reusable Filter


AeroPress reusable stainless steel filter.  It keeps out grounds but allows flavorful oils to pass through for delicious full-bodied coffee. Ideal for home and travel – no more running out of paper filters!

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Aeropress – Stainless Steel Reusable Filter


Key features:

  • Made from premium grade 316 stainless steel, which is much more durable than the 304 grade stainless steel used in other filters.
  • The filter holes of the AeroPress metal filter are 178 microns in diameter.
  • Reusable – sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Easy to clean: just rinse & dry or put in dishwasher.
  • Compatible with AeroPress Original and AeroPress Go coffee makers.
  • Designed and made in the USA.
Brand: AeroPress, Inc.
Material: Stainless steel
Weight 0.1 kg

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