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Our Story

Micro roastery with the base in Ireland, we roast and sell coffee from worldwide regions as well as brewing equipment products, and ship them to you , anywhere you are in the world.

Coffee beans are precisely picked and tested before roasting process. Moisture, density, defects, extraction and cupping  is our daily routine to deliver best flavors to your cup. We follow SCA standards protocol required for specialty coffee. In the end, taste is the most important element for our customers.


Our water supply is Poulaphouca Regional. Current water hardness is soft. Water has ppm mineral content around 70ppm CaCO3. We roast and brew with this type of water.

The Statistics & Standards Committee of the Specialty Coffee Association has determined the following standards for the water used to brew specialty coffee. For a superior quality extraction of coffee solids, the brewing water should have these characteristics:

Characteristic Target Acceptable Range
Odor 1 Clean Fresh / Odor Free
Chlorine None None
Calcium Hardness 50-175 ppm CaCO3 50-175 ppm CaCO3
Alkalinity 40 ppm At or near 40-70 ppm CaCO3
pH 7.0 6 – 8


If you live in Ireland, check you water hardness here and water quality here. For other countries search for water supply in area.

Always filter chlorine and odours from your water. Cheap jug filters will help you to do that.

If our roast does not taste satisfiable or extraction is harder to achieve, check your ppm in your water and then try to filter or remineralize your water to match SCA water standards for best possible flavour extraction. See Table for accetable range.

Products and Enviroment

We choose our packaging carefully with priority to coffee freshness. Compostable coffee bags are still not in the stage where you can safely discard it into you home compost. Most of it needs to be Industrially composted, there are some which you can compost at home but the freshness of coffee is very much reduced and sacrificed. Read our blog for more info about coffee packaging impact on environment and user.

We won’t offer you any unnecessary plastic in our shop. Every product is chosen carefully with importance on avoiding plastic materials.

Our shop do not show all products that we are able to get for you as an end customer or wholesale in our shop. The range is huge. If you are looking for spare parts or other products that you did not find on our website, write to us what is your requirement and we will try to get it for you as soon as possible.


You can also listen to our online radio stream for uncommercial music with guests. We promote new artists and we give them space in our radio. SoundCoffeeFM is a nonprofit non-commercial online music and talk streaming.


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