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Always grind the coffee beans just before brewing process. Weight is very important. Make sure to set grind size level just right for best drinking experience.


Our water supply is Poulaphouca Regional. Current water hardness is soft. Water has ppm mineral content around 70ppm CaCO3. We roast and brew for this type of water.

The Statistics & Standards Committee of the Specialty Coffee Association has determined the following standards for the water used to brew specialty coffee. For a superior quality extraction of coffee solids, the brewing water should have these characteristics:


Characteristic Target Acceptable Range
Odor 1 Clean Fresh / Odor Free  
Chlorine None None
Calcium Hardness 50-175 ppm CaCO3 50-175 ppm CaCO3
Alkalinity 40 ppm At or near 40-70 ppm CaCO3
pH 7.0 6 – 8


If you live in Ireland, check you water hardness here and water quality here. For other countries search for water supply for you area.

Always filter chlorine and odours from your water. Cheap jug filters will help you to do that.

If our roast does not taste satisfiable or extraction is harder to achieve, check your ppm in your water and then try to filter or remineralize your water for best possible flavour extraction. See Table for accetable range.

In very hard water area, use bottled water but this is the worst option for the enviroment and it is not a solution. Water filter is more enviromentaly friendly. Bear in mind that this advice is only for coffee brewing. Water low in minerals is catching minerals from your body. Drinking water should be always hight in minerals for

Time: around 50 seconds

Grind: Fine, Medium

Weight: 100g/l – quick

75g/l – longer brew


1. Grind the coffee

2. Put filter paper into the holder and lock to the body. Run hot water through to rinse the paper.

3. Place mug on the scale and turn aeropress upside down, put rubber seal just below number 4. Put main part of aeropress on top, add grinded coffee.

4. Boil water, wait 20 seconds, turn on scale, add water, start timer and stir.

5. Put piston part on, make sure it seals but do not press just yet.

6. After 30-60 seconds take mug and brewer of the scale and slowly push until all liquid has gone through.

7. Pull the piston back few centimeters then remove filter holder, holding over bin, push the plunger to remove grounds. Rinse imediatelly and clean the bottom.


Time : 9 minutes

Grind : Medium/Coarse

Ratio : 75g/l


1. Grind Coffee

2. Boil the water.

3. Rinse the press with hot water. Drain.

4. Add grinded coffee.

5. Put press on the scale and switch on.

6. Pour over quickly to get all coffee wet. Make sure you add correct ratio. Leave soaking 4 minutes. Then stir.

7. Wait another 5 minutes.

8. Place plunger on top but do not plunge.

9. Pour the coffee slowly through the mesh, make sure you resist pouring in bottom, otherwise you will have silty taste.

10. Allow coffee to cool in the glass/cup.


Grind: Medium/ Coarser then Aeropress

Weight: 30g/500ml


Time: 2-3 minutes

1. Grind the coffee.

2. Boil the water.

3. Put the paper filter into the V60 and rinse with hot water.

4. Add coffee to the V60 over paper filter. Place it on the top of the jug or cup and place on the scale.

5. After the kettle has boiled, wait 10 seconds if you are pouring from the same kettle. Start the timer . If you are using specialist pouring kettle, pour immediatelly.

6 .Using the scale, add about twice as much water as coffee, stir for 15 seconds.

7 .Wait another 15 seconds and then pour another dash(50-60g) in an outward spiral.

8. At 1 minute, add the rest of the water. Make sure you wash all grounds from the sides,. Give it a swirl.

9. Wait until all water is drawn. Aim for around 2 to 3 minutes.

10. Discard paper filter and grounds.

11. If it takes longer or shorter , adjust the grind. Coarser for shorter, Finer for longer time.


Ratio: 30g/500ml

Time: 3-4 minutes

Grind: Medium to coarse

1. Fold paper filter as shown on the box, boil the kettle and place the filter in the Chemex jug, double side facing the spout.

2. Pour hot water through the filter, pour away the water.

3. Grind the coffee, put it into the paper filter, tap the Chemex to level the coffee.

4. Put Chemex on the scale. Start the timer add 75g of water, let it sit for 30 seconds, add half of the remaining water in a outward spiral motion. Let it sit, then add remaining water. Aim for 3-4 minutes.

5. Discard the filter and grounds and pour to preheated cups.


Grind: Fine (coarsier then espresso)

Dosage: 20 to 24g

Time: 3 – 4 minutes.

1. Boil the kettle.

2. Grind the coffee. Fill the basket, level it. Do not compress.

3. Fill the bottom section with boiled water just under the mark.

4. Put the basket with the coffee into the bottom part. Make sure rubber is clean. Assemble the top, It needs to seal properly.

5. Put the pot on the stove, low to medium heat leaving the lid open to watch the brew.

6. When you hear gurgling sound and see coffee starts to blonde out, close the lid and take it off the stove.

7. Put the pot straight under the cold running water to stop the pressure.

8. Pour immediatelly.


Grind: Very fine

Weight: 16-21g depends on the basket

Time: 25- 30s

1. Grind into portafilter.

2. Evenly distribute, if possible use distribution/leveling tool.

3. Tamp firmly and make sure the coffee grounds are evenly leveled.

4. Flush some water trough the group head in the machine.

5. Lock the portafilter.

6. If using scale put cup/s on the scale. Turn on. If not using scale, use stopwatch.

7. Start brewing. Start the timer from the first drip.

8. Aim for the time/grams recommended by roaster. Usually 25-30 seconds, 40-60 grams. Depends on the kind of beans.

Stop, discard grounds, wipe clean and Enjoy!

Ratio: 75g-85g of coffee per Litre

Grind: Medium/Caster sugar

1. Grind the coffee

2. Boil the water.

3. Fit the filter into the upper chamber, make sure it is fully flushed.

4. Place the bottom chamber on the scale and pour in calculated amount of water by ratio.

5. Transfer the bottom chamber to your heat source (gas burner, halogen lamp).

6. Place the upper chamber on top, do not seal!

7. When the water starts to boil, seal the top chamber on the top of the bottom chamber, reduce the heat to low. Look down on the filter making sure it is centered. If it is not centered you will see a lot of bubbles flowing from one side. Push it to the center with stick or spoon.

8. Bubbling on top of the chamber will become agressive with big bubbles. Once the bubbles become smaller, you are ready to brew.

9. Add the grinded coffee to the top chamber with bubbling water, stir untill all coffee is wet. Start the timer.

10. After 30 seconds, give it a gentle stir to break the crust and immerse coffee back to the water.

11. Turn off the heat after another 30 seconds. Once the coffee starts to drawn down, stir gently clockwise and anticlockwise to prevent sticking to the wall. Do not stir too much.

12. Allow coffee to drawn completely. Pour the coffee into the coffee pot to prevent cooked taste.

13. Let it cool off.


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